Tips On Selecting A 5g Industrial Router

With the in-depth promotion and application of 5G+industrial Internet, 5G industrial router, as a high-performance data routing communication device, has the characteristics of strong stability, high reliability, strong security, etc. It is used for large-scale data transmission in the industrial field and has strong practical value. The 5G industrial router integrates various network application technologies such as 5G access technology, WIFI technology, routing technology, switching technology, security technology, etc. It is widely used for connecting sensor equipment in industrial sites and achieving the function of data transmission into the network.

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So how should we choose an industrial 5G router to cope with the complex industrial scene?

01 Brand

Brand is a symbol of quality and workmanship. The formation of an industrial IoT brand is nothing more than word of mouth. Through the purchase evaluations of friends around us or third-party evaluations such as search engines and purchase platforms, we can clearly understand how the brand is perceived.

02 Stability

The stability of industrial-grade 5G routers is crucial, as they are used unattended. The stability of the device is important for the stability of network data and the implementation of functions. The device needs to support software restart and hardware watchdogs, as well as support remote management by cloud platforms, to ensure long-term stable operation without malfunctioning.

Considering the harsh use environment of industrial sites, industrial-grade 5G routers must support the use in harsh environments with wide temperature and voltage ranges, such as DC12-48V and -40℃ ~75℃.

Stability is the core factor for the quality of transmission equipment, just as critical as the human heart. A stable transmission equipment needs to have:

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Industrial-grade device materials, resistant to high and low temperatures;

② High-performance processor, timely response;

③Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) industrial design protection, ESD (interface) anti-static design, EFT pulse protection, ensuring the stability of the board from the hardware;

④ Perfect protocol stack to ensure permanent link online

⑤ Wide voltage range, meeting project adaptability

⑥ Ultra-large memory, improving system computing speed

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03 Quick response technical support

Technical support for industrial-grade 5G routers is often required in many projects involving VPN, port mapping, and other related network technologies. If you are not familiar with these network technologies, you may encounter various problems during use. Therefore, it is important for a company to provide timely technical support, respond quickly to customers, and resolve issues.

04 Price

Cost considerations play an integral part in selecting industrial-grade 5G routers; accordingly, selecting an affordable product should not only take price into account but should also take account of customer needs when choosing. When it comes to industrial-grade 5G routers, choosing an appropriately priced device is paramount – however this doesn’t have to mean choosing an expensive model; tailored options might offer better performance at reduced cost for specific requirements.