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Onetechcorp Communications Ltd, founded in 2003 with more than two decades of industry experience, specializes in developing and manufacturing access transmission, broadband access, industrial networking products for global markets.

Onetechcorp provides user-friendly networking solutions that enable operators, service providers, system integrators and system integrators to deploy value services efficiently for meeting fast-growing broadband market demands.

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Onetechcorp has complete solutions for commercial, enterprises, home intelligent network, industrial IoT and system integration.

Reliability and Trust

We have won the trust of our customers from all over the world with quality and punctual delivery service.


we can offer cost-effective solutions to our customers by optimizing manufacturing processes and sourcing high-quality materials at competitive prices

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide a wide range of products and solutions tailored to the needs of access transmission, industrial networking, and broadband access.

Technical Support

We offer technical support, training, and consultancy services to help customers optimize their networks, troubleshoot issues, and maximize performance.


What our customers say about us.
“Onetechcorp has always proven to be an excellent supplier throughout the years. We have found them to always be very professional and fair and very competitively priced.”
Mike Johnson
– Customer Since 2005
” Their team worked closely with us to design and implement a customized broadband access solution that not only meets our current requirements but also anticipates our future growth. Thanks to their expertise and service.”
Kevin Jensen
-Customer Since 2006
The first project I ever worked on with Onetechcorp was in 2008, and since then our partnership has only grown stronger. Onetechcorp is willing to try anything to produce the results the client is looking for.
Bill Johnston
Customer Since 2008

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Explore our range of products today and unlock the power of seamless connectivity for your business!

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